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Visa Gift Card Information

 Get a free visa gift card

What is a Visa Gift Card?
The Visa Gift card is a prepaid card welcome everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted. Visa Gift cards are loaded with a value of $250 on the card and can be used for multiple purchases as long as value remains on the card.

Do I need to activate my Visa Gift card?
Many Visa Gift cards are activated automatically and may be used immediately.
Along with your Visa Gift card, a user menu will also be provided on the usage of card

How do I make a purchase with my Grocery Gift card?
Using your Visa Gift card is similar to using a credit card. When you are ready to pay, give the card to the cashier and ask to sign the purchase receipt.
Each time your card is used for a purchase, that amount is automatically deducted from your balance. It is recommended that you know your balance before making a purchase because many merchants will not be able to provide that information.
It is important to note that the Visa Gift card is 'non-reloadable', which means that additional money cannot be added to the balance of the card. The card does not offer a line of credit like a credit card. A value of $250 has already been prepaid by our sponsors to thank you for your participation.

How to Get A $250 Worth of Prepaid Visa Card For Free

PictureThis is one of the longest running grocery and gift card giveaway programs in existence, having served tens of thousands of people till date.

The reason why it is so successful is because it is managed by a team of fantastic people who are dedicated to help the community save more through their Prepaid grocery and gift card programs.

It is also one of the few programs out there that truly deliver on its promise. Unlike some scam programs out there (and there are a lot!), these folks are here to make sure your cards are delivered to you as promised.

How to get this card
1.Click on the link below to visit this sponsor's offer page. You will see a choice of a few different gift cards to choose from to be used at participating outlet. Each card is worth $250. Choose your preferred reward.
2. Next fill in your zipcode for to check availablity
3. If offer is available, fill in a valid mailing address. The card will be sent here.
4. To complete the process, you will be required to participate in the sponsor's marketing programs. These may include completing a more detailed user surveys or selecting other programs that interest you.
5. You're done! Your $250 pre-paid card will be dispatched to your stated mailing address as given in step 3
Is this card really free? 
Yes it is. The sponsor's are able to pay for this gift card because they are paid when you complete the program.

Please ensure that you look at the offers presented to you and complete them. Most of these offers are exclusive and they come from the biggest brands in the industry. It helps our sponsor to continue to support our community with this wonderful grocery program.